July 9, 2007

Newegg’s rebate trickery?

Newegg's Fujitronic FR-EH
I was looking for a new rice cooker when I stumble upon a Fujitronic FR-EH 10 Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker & Warmer being offer by Newegg for $39.99 after $70.00 Mail-In Rebate. After seeing this I thought I would be able to stop looking, until I clicked on the link to the rebate form. After clicking over to the form I was presented with two separate forms for $35.00 rebate each, and each of these forms requires you so send in two original UPC codes.

So seeing that I needed a total of four UPC codes and the rebate stating it’s only limited to only “ONE rebate per product, receipt, household, family or address,” I decided to email the company to see if there are indeed four UPC I can use with two different mailing address (to circumvent the address requirement). So I receive an email telling me that “You will only be able to submit one rebate.” How funny is this, they advertise that buyers are able to get a $70.00 rebate, but when you actually buy it and try to submit for the full rebate, you will only be able to only get one of the rebate for $35.00.

I will definitely avoid this company for my future purchases. Hopefully, this helps anyone who happens to be looking to purchase this same item and expecting to send for the $70.00 rebate.

June 16, 2007

Breaking the 100,000 ranking on Alexa

Wow oh wow, I just happen to check out Alexa and saw one of my site has broken the 100,000 3 month avg. ranking. What a feeling this is even if the Alexa isn’t all that accurate, because people have to download their toolbar to be counted.

The weekly avg is at 60,000, so hopefully in a couple more months I will be in the top 50,000. On another note, this same site is rank above 30,000 on Compete.

May 30, 2007

PageRank doesn’t mean a thing

I knew PageRank had no meaning these day, after reading tons of people saying the same thing. But, after seeing one of my site drop in PR and the amount of traffic increasing even more than when the ranking was higher, I really believe it now. So to all you people who are obsessed with how high their rankings, take heart there is not need to doing some crazy blackhat SEO to boost your PR.

May 17, 2007

What blogging has bought me

Blogging has been fun for me, besides being fun, it has also bought in some stuff. but it has bought me a few items recently.

  • Hosting for all my websites and blogs
  • Additional domain names for my ever increasing websites and blogs (12 domains and counting)
  • A 300 GB Maxtor hard drive to store my test sites before it goes live
  • Bills I have to pay
  • A brand new Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse
  • A Wacom tablet for those designing I need to do
  • Logitech webcam

Hopefully one day I would be able to buy a house with my blogging income.

April 24, 2007

Memory Leak with XAMPP

After setting up XAMPP a few months ago on a Windows 2000 Pro computer so I can work on a couple sites offline without FTPing files every time I change something, I am getting major memory leak.

Everything is fine for about an hour then ZoneAlarm shuts down then Apache and MySQL goes into error. Then after closing these programs my memory usage is still showing 1231922K being used out of 2204748K.

To solve this I have been restarting my computer every couple of hours until now. After searching and some more searching I have found a solution to this huge problem. Instead of starting up Apache and MySQL with the XAMPP Control Panel, I now start it up with xampp_start.exe, restart it with xampp_restart.exe, and stop it with xampp_stop.exe. You can find these files in your xampp folder.

April 3, 2007

Uncle Sam owns me money

It’s a very special day today. Why is it special you might ask, well I’ll tell you, I got off my ass and got the tax form I was suppose to make copies and mailed like many weeks ago. You would think getting a refund would make me do this sooner, sadly your mistaken. Now on to figuring out what I will do with this refund check. I know, maybe get myself a new 22in LCD wide screen monitor or perhaps deposit it into the HSBCdirect account and earn some 5.05% interest.

March 16, 2007

Time to do the taxes

Time to do the taxes and see if I owe Uncle Sam money or if I am due a refund for paying too much taxes this year. Got everything I need in front of me to do this tax thing. Got the forms, my W2, the various 1099-DIVs, the many 1099-INT being sent to me, and lets not forget the handy calculator. Now to eliminate some distractions before I begin on this journey of seeing if I am due a big fat refund check or if I have to break out the checkbook and write them a check.

Here I go. Wish me luck.

February 27, 2007

Long wait to get an oil presure switch replace

Noticing that the check oil light on my Honda Accord was coming up after driving about 20 minutes I decided to take it to the dealership to see what was going on this morning. After waiting what seems like forever (2 hrs 30 mins) a service rep guy came out to tell me the problem was a bad oil pressure switch ($11.64 part) and that they have it in stock and would take about 40 mins to replace it.

Two hours later it was fix and after paying the bill ($155.00) I went to where they told me the car was parked and realized it wasn’t there. Then I went back inside to see where the heck they really parked it, than the guy comes out to look for it and after about 5 mins he realized I wasn’t blind and goes back inside to ask someone where he parked it.

Got to love Honda cars, after driving well over 170K miles it still drives perfectly. Time to prepare for the replacement of the timing belt and oil pan gasket.

February 8, 2007

New look for Google Adsense ads

I just notice on one of my sites that the Adsense ad looks a little different than the typical Adsense ads.

Google Adsense ad look 1
Google Adsense ad look 3

I’ve included a blue arrow above so you can easily see what I mean. Notice the “Ads by Google” above and the one below looks different.

Google Adsense ad look 2

I got to say both looks a lot better than the typical letters, but the first one is the best in my opinion. Looks like Google is starting to leverage their brand (logo) into their ads. This might be because the Google brand has been so positive that they hope when people see it they will be more likely to click on ads.

Yahoo’s Pipes are clogged

Yahoo's clogged pipes

Yahoo’s new product launch “pipes” is already clogged. When you visit the site you get the following message:

Our Pipes are clogged! We’ve called the plumbers!

Maybe they should call on the Bloglines plumber to get things unclogged.

Not a really good start when you’re launching a new product.

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